Meridian 580 Pilothouse Motoryacht REVIEW

Please find posted here a review of a Meridian 580 Pilothouse Motoryacht very well written by Australian reviewer named Mike Brown on a site called, of a new 580 that was imported to Australia. I see nothing here to argue with. I, Blake Davis have sold 5 Meridian 580 Pilothouse Motoryachts from a 2004 […]

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Bayliner and Meridian Pilothouses- HISTORY AND UPDATES

  Bayliner History & Updates I receive so many inquires asking the same question, I’m going to put the answer right up here at the top of the page  so you don’t have to read any further:  YES-The Bayliner 47’s are much better built boats than the 4588’s solely because many of the materials used […]

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LISTINGS needed – —- Bayliner and Meridian Pilothouses —– Yachts Sold

October 2016 : There’s an extremely tight inventory of late model (now considered ten years and newer) pilothouse yachts of any marque, in any price range available for sale in the entire United States. Most all the good one’s are either sold, or “deal pending” despite what you see on Yachtworld.. If you have one […]

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Yachts for Sale

Bayliner Pilothouse and Meridian Pilothouse Motor Yachts are my specialties. I reckon I’ve sold more of the big ones than any other individual Yacht Broker in the world. I’m considered to be the expert on them, and have a page here on this site dedicated to their history and updates.


You are the most professional broker I have ever spoken to. If I have any reason to use a broker in the future or have call to recommend one, it will certainly be you. No BS, just the real deal. – John Koch - Meridian 490 - Miami/Indiana
Blake sold my 45 P/H for me. He is knowlegable, direct and outspoken. He lists and SELLS P/H boats. He has all the resources to assist the sale. You want action, he will get you the most bang for the buck in the shortest time. – John Lynch Michigan - Bayliner 4788
Blake is the most knowledgeable and experienced broker on Bayliner and Meridian Pilothouse Yachts in the country. You can totally rely on his guidance! – Scott Grody
Blake was the selling Broker when I purchased my 4788. Not only did he help me throughout the purchase of the 4788, he also helped me sell my previous boat. In our pre purchase discussions, I felt he gave me a truthful overview as to the condition of the boat I was looking at. He also gave me a realistic assessment of the boating market at the time. I found his message was the straight goods, not what i wanted to here. I have spoken to other people that have used Blake’s services and all have spoken highly of their dealings with him. If you are looking for a knowledgeable, colourful straight shooter then call Blake, if you are looking for someone who is going to paint a pretty picture, call someone else. – Carlo Weickert - Sea Bee - Halifax, Nova Scotia
I got more than I expected, this yacht is totally equipped and in condition better than one could had hoped for. – Aussie Malcom - Bayliner 4788 & 5788 (both bought sight unseen) - New Zealand
Sea Lady arrived early last week. She is great. Thank you for all your work. We unloaded her and had a couple of nights on board at a marina in Brisbane and then took her down to the Gold Coast and lifted her out to have the bottom done and a few other little things. It was great taking the boat on a four hour run and sitting on 18 knots. My wife is rapt in the internals (and so am I. They have it so modern and low maintenance compared with our 4588) – Trevor - Bayliner 4788 - Sydney Australia