VESSELS needed – – —– and Yachts Sold


What part of “I have buyers IN HAND” you sellers not understanding?  Meridian 490’s, Meridian 540’s, Navigator 61’s,  1999 and newer Bayliner 4788’s and 5288s,  And now that all the East Coast 5788s that were on the market ‘forever’ have sold, of course-NOW there’s buyers looking for those too.  “In hand” means- I just call up a guy and he buys it- IF I’ve personally inspected them.  Ask the seller of the 2004 490 Meridian that I sold in February (beautiful weather here).  From listing his boat to closing in just 61 days NO sea trial-NO survey. I sell MANY yachts sight unseen by their buyers. Secret?  I thoroughly inspect the vessels telling the buyers exactly what I discovered, both good and bad. I take hundreds of detailed photos, and then I recommend my sellers pricing them to my detailed valuation I give them, and then I recommend the buyers to actually contact my references.

SELLERS:  I’m not a listing curator.  DON’t MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS 90% of sellers-who wait til the end of season to put their boats on the market. If located up north it’s going to be another year (and hence another years normal pricing depreciation) til your buyer can even use his purchase, so you don’t want to wait til your boat has been decommissioned for the winter to put her for sale.. If down south- we DO have a window after Hurricane Season -IF your boat hasn’t been damaged.  BUT while your ‘thinking about selling’- the buyer for YOUR boat- might go buy another boat. Then what?  Forget those people always talking of “buying a boat in a couple of years when I retire'” that seldom happens. What YOU and I want is the cash buyer wanting to buy a boat TODAY.  I have a notebook of their phone numbers. It’s that simple.

I’ve sold more than forty (40) Bayliner 4788’s, Five Meridian 580’s , One 540, Four 490’s (just not many ever came east for me to sell, and most were in NY), two 5288’s, three 5788’s, PLUS many other marques as proved by the photos below, and my page “OLD Print Ads, Long live the Internet”.

If I accept your listing, I will quickly bring you offers that are appropriate for the market..  My appraisals are accurate to the dollar, and I will prove it to you via detailed facts of the current value of each option and feature you have. I’ll show you your vessels pluses, and minuses, and exactly what a surveyor is going to catch, how much the repairs will cost.

FOR BUYERS;  Call me. I always have boats ‘up my sleeve’ (not even on my site) that owners are ‘thinking of selling’. When these sellers finally decide to sell, I first just call up the people who’ve requested I do so.  Many vessels on the market,  I sold to their current owners years ago. Some have been well taken care of, some haven’t. Some need EVERYTHING, some don’t.


.  HOW LONG HAS YOUR BOAT BEEN ON THE MARKET?  Why do my listings sell so quickly, while others have been on the market for years, if not decades? Not properly appraised and priced?  Not enough quality photos?  No detailed specs? Your salesman knows nothing of your marque, much less the market?  Likely a combination of all?   I see so many 4788’s still for sale that I could had sold years ago (before they deteriorated), all by me- just calling up one of my qualified buyers. How much have you paid in just dockage and insurance alone since you listed your boat years ago?  How much has it DEPRECIATED in that time? Properly priced boats sell within 90 days.

If a buyer is using the Internet (who today isn’t?) -this site comes up at the very top of every search engine which is why I’ve sold so many yachts oversea’s-the majority sight unseen from repeat buyers and their referrals.   Is there a site that offers more information on Meridians and Bayliners? I think not.   Please  send email to to discuss marketing your yacht. My phone number is 305-956-3818.

My central listings will quickly garner you market value offers, which lead to CLOSINGS.   


        Two 4788’s (a 1999 from New Jersey and a 2002 from Mississippi) moored behind their homes in Australia-both purchased from me by the same family years apart -both sight unseen.

These boats below are just a small sampling of the vessels I’ve sold. Take a look at my page “Old print ads, Long live the Internet”

2004 Meridian 490. Ft. Pierce, Fl. I called up a client, he came here and bought her.  SOLD QUICK=No seatrial-no Survey.. How long has your boat been on the market? She went to Mississippi.


Sold 9/16. 1999 4788. Ft. Myers, Florida.. I showed her three times, and had three offers. From listing to closed within 120 ‘hot as hell’ Florida summer days!  How long has your boat been on the market?


She's a beauty, but man oh man was it a PITA dealing with the MAN diesel issues. Going to GOOD HANDS in Louisiana.

2000 5288. St. Petersburg, Fl. A beauty. I was hired as the Buyers Broker. I sold her 9/16 in Florida. She went to Louisiana. Please read her buyers testimonial.


47' Garden Designed Cheoy Lee that was lovingly restored. I'm always happy to have listings like this. THIS is ART, and why I became a broker.

47′ Garden Designed Cheoy Lee that was lovingly restored. I’m always happy to have listings like this. THIS vessel is ART, and it’s solely because of art like this is why I became a broker.  Ft. Pierce, Fl.


2003 Meridian 490 .Ft. Myers, Florida. The buyers were referrals from a client of mine in St. Louis, who had purchased a 1997 Bayliner 4788 from me. A beautiful 490- super optioned out, she went home to Illinois on her bottom..


2001 3788 Sold two times commission free from Miami, Florida- She’s now in Charleston SC.  Every owner has been wealthy.   NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN 8/2017. asking $85k.  I will be happy to put you in direct contact with the owner in Charleston- again 100%  commission free.


Two vessels in Miami I’ve sold a total of five times. Both are still here in Florida.


2003 Meridian 540 I sold in Montauk NY stopping by to visit me in Ft. Pierce, Florida en route to her new home in Miami.  Her buyers previously owned a 2002 4788, which I sold for them in 04..

2001 Bayliner 4788 I sold two times. $320k in 2005, and $160k in 2014. Jacksonville, Florida

6/14 Here’s another gorgeous 4788 likely never to see American waters again, tucked  nicely in below deck cargo hold en-route to Melbourne Australia

The owner of this beautiful 4788 (from Alabama) responded to my direct mailing soliciting central listings. Within 48 hours of his phone call to me, I was on the boat and signed the listing contract. Within 7 days from that- I had two purchase contracts. Within 2 weeks the boat was sold. Two more excellent references- one from the seller, and one from the buyer. HOW LONG HAS YOUR 4788 been on the market?  WHY?!    

The location of your boat is not important.   My buyers will usually buy sight unseen if I’ve personally inspected the  vessels. 

I’ve sold yachts from the following States, which is proof that where I live doesn’t matter as there’s these new fangled inventions called “airplanes and mini-vans”.  As you can see by my out-of-state sales that although I’ve sold many types and brands of boats, the Bayliner and Meridians have been good to me.

Alabama: Bayliner 4588

California: Two (2) Bayliner 4788’s

CT; Bayliner; 4788

Georgia: Two (2) Bayliner 4788’s

Illinois: Two (2) Bayliner 4588’s and two (2) Bayliner 4788’s.

Indiana: Bayliner 4588, and a 4788

Iowa:  Bayliner 4588, 4788, & a 3988

Kentucky: Bayliner 4788

Maryland: Bayliner 4788, Carver 450 Voyager

Massachusetts; Buddy Davis 47′

Michigan: Two (2) Bayliner  4788’s, and a 4588.

Minnesota: Bayliner 4588

Mississippi; Bayliner 4788

Missouri; Maxum 46

New York:  Two (2) 4788’s, Meridian 459. Bayliner 4588. Bayliner 5788, Meridian 540.

New Jersey:  Bayliner 4788

North Carolina; Bayliner 4788

Ohio:  Bayliner 4588

Oregon: Meridian 580

Puerto Rico: Grand Banks 42′

South Carolina;  Two (2) Bayliner 4788s, Bayliner 3888.

Texas: Bayliner 4087

Tennessee:  Bayliner 4788

Virginia: Mainship 390, Krogen 42 Silhouette,  Bayliner 4788,

And of course from FLORIDA;  countless.


1999 4788 preparing to load going to Australia, The 06 Meridian 490 I sold is in the background shrink wrapped and loaded on the deck.

This 2002 4788 which I sold new in 2002, I then sold to her 2nd owner in New Zealand.


Really nice 2001 Bayliner 4087 sold from Houston 6/13 to Canadian buyer 100% sight unseen.


I’ve sold two (2) Meridian 459’s. One was purchased sight unseen from me out of NY, I shipped it out of Baltimore on a Ro Ro and she’s now in Perth Au. The other was purchased in Florida and was shipped to Australia, then her owner ran her on her bottom to Tasmania.


Sold March 2013. 2002 4788 in Mississippi.  This is this families second (2nd) 4788 purchased from me sight unseen (I pre-surveyed them, made the offers, and arranged all paperwork and delivery)  Both vessels are now on the front page of my site- moored in Australia behind the owners homes..





During our recession from 2006- 2014 I sold the heck out of yachts to foreign buyers from countries with strong economies.  I pretty much depleted my inventory of Brunswick built Pilothouse Motoryachts and Meridian 459’s.  That was great for all back then, but now in 2017, inventory of good yachts are very hard to find on the East Coast.  I now have only a few listings to offer my buyers. They’re still calling me but I have little to offer them.  I REALLY need more LATE MODEL yachts to market.  Please Call me 305-956-3818 or email “” to discuss marketing your yacht.

61′ Navigator I sold from St. Petersburg Florida. She’s now in New Zealand.

2007 Meridian 580 sold from Naples Florida- 2009-  As of 2017 she’s back on the market in Florida
 2010 Meridian 580 sold from Costa Rica – now in Australia

580 Meridian 04 sold in Annacortes Wa- to her new owners in Seattle in 2009.


5788 2000 Bayliner sold from Jacksonville, Fl. being unloaded in Vancouver BC


Maxum 46′ (3) 2000 models. One went to Australia, one went to Vancouver BC.( both bought sight unseen), one went to Illinois.  These were always great values, and more so today in 2016.

2000 5788 sold from upstate NY on Hudson River to a  Kiwi buyer. Previously, her owner had purchased a 2000 4788 from me which went to New Zealand. BOTH bought sight unseen from me. She’s now in New Zealand.

Bayliner 4788 2002. SOLD.  One of the very few that stayed in USA. I’ve sold SO many of these 4788’s  World Wide over the  years that it’s rather hard to keep track of them all. At least this one stayed local.  .


I sold this 62′ Benetti Hershine 1998 from Hong Kong to Long Beach California.


1997 4788 sold 2009- she was traded in for new Hampton – Now lives in St. Louis, Mo. 2016 update: sold to a owner in Florida. Time took it’s toll.

I sold this 1995 Krogen 42′ from Manila, Philippines via Singapore-onward to Minnesota . Definitely my longest distance deal. Went smoother than silk.


Sold 2005 Meridian 490- went St Louis Mo. As of 2/17, she’s now in Ft. Myers, Florida

50′ Mares Power Cat. This Caterpilar powered express ran 50 mph during her sea-trials.  Really cool boat. Stayed in Florida.


54′ Mares Power Cat- twin 800 HP MANs. This boat cruised at 30 knots in huge sea’s off of Miami. Sold off to California.  This was the very last boat painted at Tempest Marine before it was torn down..the END of Thunder Alley.


1998 4788 sold from Florida behind her owners home in Nova Scotia. I also sent a 1999 up there.


Meridian 459.  Sold two (2) this 05 (bought sight unseen from NY) is now in Perth AU. A 2006 model went to Tasmania in 2011

50′ Symbol Pilothouse sold from Florida to Maryland

POSTER CHILD for short sales- this 67′ custom Chris Craft Roamer -had $675k bank payoff- The Banker said “screw it we just got a billion dollars in TARP funds with no strings attached what do I care about this boat-sell it” cash buyers from Germany bought her sight unseen for $75k . Freeport Florida 2008.  Last seen in Grenada.


Hampton 55′ I sold. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida   Now back on the market 1/17.


And sometimes this is what happens when owners owe more than their boats are worth and they sit on the market for years. This was a brand new 90′ Motoryacht that had the bad timing to be imported into the teeth of the recession. She caught fire at 3 in the morning during a Hurricane. Funny how it happens like that.

Before photo. Brand new never titled 90' pilothouse MY. Insurance company made him whole.

Before photo. Brand new never titled 90′ pilothouse MY. Insurance company made him whole.